Here's a list of tools I find useful while developing.
I'll keep updating this list as I find or remember more! :)

  • GhostDoc - Helps you a lot documenting everything on your code.
  • CodeRush - Powerful Visual Studio Add-in. I tried a lot of add-ins like this one but this is without a doubt the best of them. Powerful, very light weight, very easy to customize and enable/disable features... very good.
  • Sizer - If you're a web developer this is a must have. It will let you size your windows to a resolution so you can test your web pages without needing to change the monitor resolution.
  • ColorPic - Very good color picker with very good functionalities.
  • Notepad++ - Best notepad around for developers!
  • - Very very very good drawing and image editor tool

Others “Nice to have”